So what did DonQui get up to in Seville? Well, the usual tourist stuff…


He visited the Real Alcázar and was amazed at the incredibly fine Moorish architecture


…and the maze of gardens with their fountains, pools and wide variety of plants. He could have spent all day there but after a while his feet began to hurt and he felt in need to a drink.


A glass of sangria did the job rather well


Then he went inside the huge cathedral and saw that the gates to heaven were apparently closed for the moment.
altar gold
He also considered the huge amount of stolen Inca gold that it had taken to decorate the altar and .wondered how many donkeys it had taken to carry it all away.

cc tomb

And he saw Christopher Columbus’ final resting place, after a journey that took the explorer’s bones from Seville to Santo Domingo, then to Cuba and finally back to Seville again.

roof top

He climbed to the top of the Giralda tower (once a minaret of a Mosque) and looked out at the city below him.


His head rang along with the bells as they chimed the quarter hour and DonQui was rather glad that he had not found himself in the bell tower at 12 noon.


In the afternoon Duchess fancied a horse drawn carriage ride around the town. Horses tend to take on a rather superior attitude towards donkeys so DonQui thought it a rather fine idea to sit back in comfort while letting a snooty horse do all the work for a change.

santa cruz

Later he wandered around the winding lanes of the Santa Cruz area, had a glass of wine or two and a few tapas before heading home.


it was a bit touristy but it was atmospheric too and without any of the kitsch and tackiness that is all to often prevalent in such places. The prices of food and drink were very reasonable and the quality high.

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