Strawberries in October?

…And we are not in the southern hemisphere.


DonQui had seen the new crop ripening on the allotment a few days back but he was quite surprised to see so many now ready for eating. Not being an expert gardener he is not sure how often strawberries have a second crop in autumn but they were rather delicious and there are many more on the way.

2 thoughts on “Strawberries in October?

  1. Simon, a few days ago I bought Fall strawberries here in Ottawa, straight from the Orleans Fruit Farm on Inness road, you may know of it. I was surprised myself a few years ago when I found out that these existed here in the very “Northern” hemisphere. Another fruit still available late summer, early Fall, are wild blueberries. Both were excellent!


  2. DonQui has been looking into this. Apparently there are some varieties that produce fruit all year although it did not happen in previous years. It was a very cold wet August in England followed by a warm sunny Autumn so maybe they think it is spring


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