On Safari

Before DonQui takes his blog out of  Tanzania he thinks he should say something about the wildlife.

Cape Buffalo

He did not have the chance to get to any of the parks on this most recent visit but he has in the past.

Grass fire on the Serengeti copy

It is hard to put into words just how magnificent the Serengeti is.

Wildebeast Migration 2It helped that DonQui managed to time his visit to coincide with the Wildebeest migration. This was good luck rather than good management as the migration started a few months earlier than expected due to early rains.


A night out on the plains under canvas with hyenas and leopards prowling around the campsite was an experience DonQui is not likely to forget in a hurry.

Zebra for Breakfast 1 copy

He felt more than a little uneasy early the next morning when he saw close up how one of his black and white stripy relatives had become breakfast for a pride of lions.

The Serengeti was simply magnificent. It is one of those incredible places that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

KenyaTanzaniaAdventure29 copy

The Ngorongoro crater — the world’s largest inactive volcanic caldera — is famous for its high density of wildlife. Despite the magnificent scenery and plentiful animals, it at times it seemed to DonQui that it was a bit like a trip to the zoo with an even higher density of people.

Guides radio each other as soon as some interesting animals are spotted and before you can blink the poor beasts are surrounded by dozens of vehicles filled with camera toting tourists.

If DonQui ever gets the chance to again go on safari in Tanzania he would like to try to make it to one of the lesser visited parks such as the Selous Game Reserve or Ruaha National Park for more of a wilderness experience. Maybe one day he might even make it to Gombe to see chimpanzees in the wild.

6 thoughts on “On Safari

    1. Your Dragoon sense is good RB! Depending how long you will be there Nungwi on the northern tip of Zanzibar excellent, Stone Town good for a couple of days. Zanzibar in shut down at the moment due to election fracas but should be clear by the time you are there. If you have time for a Safari go to Serengeti or Selous and if possible take the opportunity to camp out in the open and get out on foot for a bit to experience the bush. DonQui realises this is a tall order for a cavalryman but then Dragoons were originally mounted infantry!
      Thanks for the kind words on blog.


  1. Glad I guessed right. We’ll have 5 days at Selous, 3 days in Stonetown, 3 days at Kwenda Rocks, 5 days on the coast near Tanga and 5 days wandering. May head to Mozambique after all that. Have 1 night at Emerson Spice (as a favour) and a couple in the Whare House (sp?). Duchess seemed to appreciate spice tour, so likely Her Majesty will as well. Any other recommendations for Zan?
    I liked your last roast beef dinner.
    Ain’t that a coincidence!


    1. Sounds like a great trip!
      Snorkeling and diving are good as are some of the day boat trips out to the outlying islands.
      Livingstone Beach Restaurant good for siting on the beach with a drink or light lunch and watch the world go by — sometimes live jazz. Travellers’ Café even better for a drink and sundowner.
      Small world!


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