A Glasgow Watering Hole

On a wet, windy afternoon DonQui finds himself north of Hadrian’s Wall in Glasgow. He is in need of a good place to settle down with a pint or two and to do a bit of work.

DonQui has not been to Glasgow for a while and he does not really know where to go. A helpful hint from a local sends him off towards Merchant City where he is assured he might find several descent watering holes.

After a good trot around the neighbourhood he is draw towards Rab Ha’s
It takes its name from Robert Hall, the 19th century ‘Glesca Glutton’, who was celebrated throughout the west of Scotland for his eating prowess.

Rab Ha's.jpg

And a very good choice it proves to be.

The cosy interior with exposed stonework, wood panelling and fairy lights seem to cut just the right atmosphere. Unusually all the bar staff and all the customers are female which is a rather pleasant surprise. DonQui does not get the impression that it is a lesbian hang out, not that he would have minded, but it is certainly very female friendly even if a few other males of the species drop in a bit later on.

There are a reasonable selection of beers on tap and DonQui first opts to try a Blue Moon which is a craft wheat beer from Colorado.


Now a few years ago DonQui would have snorted in disgust if someone had proposed an American beer. Over the past decade, however, there have been an increasingly interesting selection of really good brews coming from over the Atlantic. This particular one has the style of a Belgian witbier and is served with a slice of orange to complement the slight orangey taste imparted by the orange peel and coriander which goes into the brew.

It is different, interesting and surprisingly pleasant. DonQui is glad he gave it a go even if he will probably not make it a regular tipple.

DonQui spends a very pleasant couple of hours here, doing a bit of writing and switching to the local Belhaven Best to follow the Blue Moon. He also highly approves of the selection of music — mostly from the early to mid ‘70s with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Don McLean, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Billy Joel and David Bowie coming over the speakers at just the right volume level so as not to be too intrusive.

When he next finds himself in Glasgow DonQui will definitely return.

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