A Tragedy of Betrayal

Despite his best efforts to get over this foul referendum in the UK and concentrate on the ‘whimsical side of life’ as his blog proclaims, DonQui is still feeling pretty depressed.

donqui depressed

And oh what a tale of betrayal it has been — worthy of the best (or worst) Shakespearian tragedy.


Cameron betrays the British people to call a referendum to sort out an internal party dispute.

Gove Boris

Boris and Gove betray Cameron to further their own political ambitions. They campaign for the other side and pedal a bunch of lies — no doubt hoping to not actually win;

Gove Boris 2

Gove betrays Boris and leaves him to swing in the wind;


Corbyn betrays Labour by not vigorously campaigning to give the positive reasons to vote for staying in the  EU.


The Parliamentary Labour party betrays Corbyn to end any possibility of effective opposition.

DonQui is not sure if there is anyone left in the country who has not been betrayed yet.

2 day of the first session of newly elected EU Parliament

… oh yes… him.


A herd of Donkeys would manage things better!

DonQui wonders if a Lib Dem – SNP coalition wouldn’t be the best way forward.

coalitionAt least they are united on the use of colour as well as our place in Europe!

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