Back in Dar Es Salaam

With less than 24 hours after returning from Italy, DonQui finds himself on his way to Tanzania. It is a county he loves and despite the short turn around, and the long flight via Amsterdam and Nairobi, he is very happy to be here.


On arrival in Dar es Salaam he immediately makes his way to his favourite watering hole – the Waterfront Restaurant on Oyster Bay. He is slightly disappointed to see that they no longer offer the goat curry which had inspired him to create his own version.

dar 3

They do, however, have roast goat on the menu and this is what DonQui goes for. Served with rice, plantain and a very spicy sauce on the side it is rather good, if not quite as good as DonQui’s own goat curry.

dar 2

But the view cannot be beat, nor can the genuine friendliness of the Tanzanians. DonQui hopes that he will have the opportunity to return many more times.



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