Working the Fields

On a nice warm sunny day DonQui finds rousing himself to do any work on his allotment quite difficult.


He would much rather put his hooves up and soak up some rays by the beach. Then again when it is wet, cold and miserable outside, DonQui is even less likely to go out to work in the fields. It is a wonder that anything actually gets done at all.


Somehow DonQui manages to put thoughts of the beach behind him, picks up spade, fork, hoe and assorted other instruments of destruction, and heads off to the allotment.

strawberriesHe thinks the strawberries are coming along nicely and he looks forward to the crop. His reward is, however, not limited to thoughts of good fresh fruit and vegetables to come. There is great therapeutic satisfaction to be had digging around in the dirt.

blackbirdEspecially when a fearless, friendly blackbird comes along to help and steal a few worms.





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